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At the beginning of the week before the event you should receive a confirmation e-mail with your race number and registration data. We offer registration for all races on Friday and Saturday - day races at the package pick-up (see the event calendar below for more information). If you want to participate, please register before the registration deadline on Saturday, June 3.

We have a small stock of shirts, but please do not put cash or expensive items in your pocket. Please leave your delivery bag in your intended vehicle to the destination area. On Saturday, June 3, at 10 a.m., the package can be picked up at the finish.

If something happens in your neighborhood that people need to know today, why not? If you want to add your own home picture to the calendar, please contact your local publisher. When the city planner calendar is near us, we look for good business opportunities. Once we have chosen the venue, there are other choices we need to make for you, such as date, time and location.

On the wall there is a poster that reminds of the place, and in every place there are posters and walls that remind of this place. The race begins at 7: 30 a.m. in the parking lot of the Ellenbrugh Library on the corner of East Sixth Street and Washington Street. Take a left and then a right, a right and back to the starting line, then a left and a right again to the finish line.

The hub of the Ellensburger bicycle culture is the ReCycle Shop, where residents buy equipment, tune in and meet to start a long ride. The Western Village Event Centre is modeled on a 1980s Western city that offered a fun and unique venue, including a ballroom, bar and shop. According to Beutel, Re Cycle sponsors cycling events - related events such as cycling races, cycling events and cycling events. Every year on the anniversary of the descent of the breed and its owners a dachshund parade takes place on the Ellenburg.

Local shops, galleries and museums come alive with art, music, wine and people to celebrate art in the community. Beer drinkers will love the Winterhop Brewfest, which takes place every January and includes 12 venues in the city centre.

They will rub elbows with many snarling veterans, who will amaze the middle-packers and backpackers at the end of the day at eye level. The base price is $1,000 (not included in the $5 handling fee) and $2,500 for an entire race day. Online registration fees are non-refundable and BuDu Racing LLC will provide refunds of 5% of the registration fee up to one month prior to the event. Participants who have registered at least one month before the event will receive promotional items to be determined.

The number of participants is limited to 200 marathons and 200 half marathons and is open to all ages and abilities, not just runners and walkers. Those who ask to move their entry to 2021 in 2020 will not have to undertake any further registration measures and their application will be made in their honour. Once all available seats are filled, participants will not be placed on a waiting list for the 2020 race.

Two weeks before the event transfers to BuDu Racing, LLC events are allowed, but it will be an individual decision for which participants must be responsible when relocating events.

Every month we will award a local photographer who has submitted a new photo of a location near us. Here is your chance to send your guests home with something that really does give them a reminder of the event. This is a great souvenir for home, and it is free for all participants!

More About Ellensburg

More About Ellensburg