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The Big Y locations Wenatchee and Ellensburg are open from 11 a.m. to midnight and serve your favorite to-go items. If you like to hang out in the Big Y and have a quick lunch or dinner with friends or family, we will have Domino's food delivered straight to your car. You can also have some of our favorite Domino's dishes delivered directly from your car with Dominino's Carside DeliveryaC.

When you arrive, a member of the team will bring you your order and put it in your car. You can call in advance to order (509 - 201 - 1088) or you can go in and take out of the suitcase whatever you want. When we arrive at the store, just call us and we will take your purchase to your car and deliver it directly to you. We can also go to our website to shop and eat on our terrace or we can pick up whatever you want and bring it all in the car.

Next time you fancy a pizza, call the nearest Domino's Pizzeria and order a quick and easy delivery in advance.

If you have not been told if your child is getting a free meal, call or email their school to see if they qualify. For more information about free and inexpensive meals in Ellensburg, please contact the food service at 509 - 925 - 8217.

If you are a foster child, your child can get free meals and cheap meals from Ellensburger Food Service. A child (s) who are US citizens are entitled to free or reduced meals. If your household's gross income is below the federal poverty line ($25,000 or less per year), the child receives a free meal. Household income must be at least 50 percent of median household income or below the federal income level stated on the application.

A child whose parents or legal guardians become unemployed is entitled to free or reduced meals if household income falls below the income threshold. If you normally pay overtime, even if you only work overtime sometimes, this is not included. For example, if I earn $1,000 a month and missed work last month and I only earned $900, I would pay the overtime I normally do every month. I am sure you would appreciate it if we would also take care to set a time for collecting or returning your bicycle.

If you can't wear a mask and the county is watching the early stages of plans to reopen Washington, we are willing to continue to offer pickup and mail on the curb, but only if you can meet us on the curb and take advantage of our walk. We want to know if there are any devices or tools you need to take care of and we can deliver, ship or ship them to you. If you are supporting us in the business, please make sure you have all the needs and are ready to come in and bring them in as soon as possible.

First of all, we appreciate that our customers continue to shop locally. We appreciate every penny you spend here And we pass on our blessing to other needy families in our community.

We encourage all households eligible for free or reduced-price meals to apply, regardless of the intention to use the benefit. Greater financial support for educational programmes will benefit schools based on the number of pupils receiving free and reduced-price meals. Households receiving this government benefit can receive free meals regardless of income. Households who meet federal income guidelines can receive free meals for up to two years under the federal food stamp program. There is no limit on the amount of free food stamps available to households that meet federal income guidelines.

Delivery and rental are possible, all you have to do is enjoy a bite of food and get instructions. Domino's delightful Marbled Cookie Brownie goo at Dominos (710 N. Anderson Street) if you want to satisfy your food delivery needs in Ellensburg. Gift cards are always open during the day and delivery is available in the morning and evening. The Windrow's Artist Series, which features some of the best local and regional wines from the Puget Sound region and beyond, is limited.

The Ellensburg Public Library (711 N. Anderson Street) will be open during normal business hours. The police headquarters in Ellenburg (Hauptstrasse 515), the city library and the town hall will be open after normal business hours - and will be working.

We understand that things can be unsafe, but our routine works well and we take all necessary precautions to ensure that you are safe during your shopping. As our neighbouring counties have such a high Covid count, we think it is important to stay diligent, so we ask for your understanding that this routine works well.

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