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SBLive Washington has featured the best teams and players from around the state ahead of the 2015-16 basketball season at Washington State High School.

Scorebook Live is a weekly look at the top teams and players from around the state ahead of the 2015-16 basketball season at Washington State High School.

The Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array (PANGA) uses GPS real-time measurements to study climate change, measure crust deformation, and mitigate natural hazards in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, PANga's GPS measurement is used to monitor man-made structures such as the sagging Alaska Way Viaduct, the floating bridge over the Columbia River in Washington D.C., and the Columbia River mega-dams, including the dam at the mouth of the Snake River near Columbia City, Washington.

The 288-hectare West Ellensburg Park has a barbecue area and playground equipment, and sports fields are available. Even in snowy months, the cross-country ski trails are open and in the Ellenburg area there is a prepared snowmobile track. For fresh air and mountain views, walk the 1.5 km trail from the park parking lot to the hiking trail on the west side.

Music, poetry and arrangements as well as the annual Ellensburger Musikfest, a festival of music and poetry, entertain the thousands of visitors who come to the Ellenburg for this occasion. The annual festivals contribute to the fun and entertainment of the people of Ellesburg and visitors from all over the country.

Ellensburg offers many leisure activities, with a variety of outdoor activities and activities in the summer months. For the residents and visitors of Ellenburg, leisure activities such as hiking, cycling, fishing, camping, swimming and fishing are offered.

The Studentenwerk leisure centre features a climbing wall, a fully equipped sports hall and an outdoor leisure centre where you can rent sports equipment. The Ellenburg Community Centre, home of the football team of the Ellenburg Gymnasium, has a full-size basketball court, volleyball court and basketball courts, as well as an indoor swimming pool.

The STEM training centers are located in the administrative buildings that include the Ellenburg Community Centre, the Kittitas County Historical Society and the Science and Technology Center (see map on the right). The Cadwell Building of 1889 is home to the Nevins School for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (MINT) and is also preserved by the original facade of 1889.

In addition to the residential campus in Ellensburg, Central Washington University has several locations throughout the state of Washington. The university, founded in 1891, consists of two residential campuses, one on campus and one off campus. Several dormitories have been built in the residential complex to surround the Studentenwerk and the leisure centre, which are grouped together in four different areas. ASL is one of the most popular languages in the United States for students of all ages and ethnicities.

Snowboarding and skiing is an hour's drive west of Ellensburg at the Snoqualmie Pass, which includes four different ski areas. The proximity to Puget Sound and access to Interstate 90 make the city a popular stopover for travelers from across the state.

That's why Ellensburg is considered one of the best ballplayers in the country, and that's a big reason why they went from fifth-place CWAC (16-9) to the league's top-ranked (22-0) and number one in the country a year ago. There is even a football crossover connection that even goes back to the University of Washington and Washington. Samuel plays in the Northwest Greyhounds under-17 team and has a number of summer and autumn tournaments. She stars alongside Julianna Walker and plays for the US women's national team and former Washington State University freshman Lauren Büchele.

Arguably the best recruit in the country, having played all summer, he decided to move to the Under 17 team to show his skills. She won a single title at the nationally acclaimed Wootten Top 150 basketball camp and has arguably the best shot - the blocking skills of any player in Washington.

The school's first building was built in 1893 and was called Barge Hall. It was renamed Central Washington State College to reflect the curriculum that extended beyond teacher training to other areas of study. To accommodate the growing student body, the university built additional campus buildings in the late 1890s and early 20th century, including the first two buildings on the current campus - the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Law and Law School, as well as the University of Washington Law Center and Sue B. Smith Hall.

Brush Prairie, Washington, is a suburb of Battle Ground, where Hill played his high school football for Battle Ground High School. Smith joined Central as offensive coordinator of the Sun Devils, played quarterback for Washington from 1999 to 2003 and threw for 8,882 yards in his career. After throwing for 6,396 yards at Phoenix High Schools, Smith attempted only one college pass and completed a 40-yarder in WSU's 37-32 loss in 2016.

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