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One of the best things to do in Washington's Yakima Valley is to enjoy all the amazing natural activities you can imagine, not just picking apples, but picking all kinds of fruits. With activities ranging from fantastic food, drinks and outdoor excursions, there are some amazing things we do that would make everyone pack their bags and go. One of our favorite nature experiences is a trip to Ellenburg National Wildlife Refuge in Ellenburg, Washington, which is home to one of America's largest and most diverse wilderness reserves.

One of the best activities in the Yakima Valley this summer is to visit various fruit tree farms and orchards and pick your own. One of our favorite activities in Ellenburg, Washington, is to find the season by picking various fruit farms, fruit growers and their own fruits. There are some amazing things to do around the Yakimas Valley if you want fresh fruit and one of them would be to visit the Ahtanum Berry Patch. The perfect offer for a wine lover in the Yakimea Valley are VanArnam Vineyards and It's a great place to look for some great wines of the season to buy.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable and include a continental breakfast and free wine tasting in the morning next to the lobby. In Ellenburg there is a brand new brewery that serves delicious brews and offers a play area for children if you bring them.

In addition to a varied menu, a wide selection of beers, wines, ciders, spirits and food are available. If you are a budding brewer or home brewer, get a home brewing kit to inspire you to visit the Yakima Valley and start your own microbrewing at home. There are many good things to do in and around the Yakima Valley, but don't forget to get inspired during your visit.

If you have any questions or are looking for a map, be sure to visit the Visitor Centre when you are in the Yakima Valley. If you are not camping in the gorge or spending the day at a campsite, we are sure that we have incorporated a few things into your trip to help you find the area and serve as a reminder of the few fun things you will have during your stay.

If you are bored and just need to mess it up a bit, spend some time after homework to see what to do in the city. If nature is not your thing, look at some of the activities on campus and see how you can make a difference in the community.

If you are in the Naches area, one of the best things to do in the Yakima Valley is visit the Bron Yr Aur Brewery. Located in the heart of a hop field, the brewery serves a variety of beers from local breweries as well as some local craft beers from other breweries.

If you can't buy a beer in Washington right now, you want to take full advantage of the benefits during your stay, so have a variety of Iron Horse Brewery beers to keep you from getting thirsty.

If you want to get an impression of the cascades, the best way is to drive through Chinook Pass in Wenatchee National Forest. This breathtaking ride, which offers a scenic stop with a beautiful view of Mount Rainer, is a great option for those who want to explore the Yakima Valley and "get a taste." If you do, you can do it in several ways, including the Union Creek Falls hike, or explore it with a hike.

This scenic drive takes you through Chinook Pass in Wenatchee National Forest, past Yakima Falls and through Cascade National Park and Mount Rainer State Park.

The views, especially from the top of Manastash Ridge, are breathtaking and worth every minute of your hike. One of the best activities in the Yakima Valley and outdoors is a hike to the Naches, and the views from there are breathtaking.

There are so many fantastic places to visit nearby, including the scenic Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, which makes for the perfect PNW adventure road trip. From rafting on the river to cruising over picturesque passes, there are plenty of amazing things to discover in this region.

One of the best options in the Yakima Valley is wine tasting at the Rattlesnake Hills Bonair Winery. You can get an incredible view of Mount Adam from afar while sipping champagne and cocktails. There are many fun stops and amazing things to do around the Yakimas Valley, from wine tastings to food trucks to wine tastings, there are so many fun stops to explore and sparkling wine to drink.

One of the best ways to get to know the Yakima Valley is to learn about local apples. Cider makes sense, as apples are known for their orchards and famous Washington apples, but what about cider?

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